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Rose M. Gaffney Elementary School Music and Art programs enriching programs to enlighten our students  

The Music Department

of Rose M. Gaffney School involves all students in grades K-8. Students in grades 4-8 are able to participate in band and chorus as well as classroom music.  Our growing numbers in band and chorus signify the desire of students at RMG to learn an instrument or sing.  

Highlights from the 2004 County Concert
Our students are able to participate in several district and county festivals as well as attend other concerts outside of school. We in the music department feel that it is important for the students to have an appreciation for music as it is a lifelong skill.   Music has much to offer students during their lifetime, not only in school but everyday life. The music department is very fortunate to have support of staff, administration and community so they can continue to get quality programs.

The Visual Arts Program
  The Visual Arts Program strives to bring art appreciation, creativity, knowledge, and hands on art activities to every student grade K-8.
    Our program reflects the goals of the Maine State Learning Results, integrates art across the curriculum and coordinates with the high school art program.

2012 Student art work displayed prominently in our halls  and classrooms, beautiful and inspiring
   RMG is fortunate to have an art room equipped for K-3 students, and an art studio for 4-8 students and beautiful art materials and resources. 
  Our students artwork is displayed throughout the school creating a childrens art gallery and an atmosphere of warmth and cheerfulness.  This environment reflects the strong support for the arts by our school and community.

2012 Students chalk art works


The Fine Arts Program at RMG brings artists and musicians to the school and provides field trips to local and regional galleries and events.

Turtles skillfully created by Kindergarten students
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