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Please read below, we are going to have a Christmas Shop and Pie sales!

Next meeting scheduled for : Next PAWS meeting: Tuesday, September 15th, 6pm

PAWS Meeting 4-7-2015

In attendance: Jane, Sandra, Lisa,

Principal’s Report:


1.Snack Sale: April sale will held this Thursday (4/8).

2.Staff luncheon: (May 8) Theme is Italian B-bq.

Food: Pasta (with two sauces: plain and pesto), Meatballs, Chicken Patties (Italian Style), Variety of Salads, Tiramisu, Italian Ice, Garlic Bread, Lemonade, Water, Fruit Salad;

Entertainment & Music: Ryan French-->11:30-12:30

Massages: Tanya Ranke (Sandra will take care)

Gift Certificates: Pat’s Pizza, Tanya Ranke

Decorations: Lisa will look into this…

Flyer for donations: Lisa will send out one on the 13th and another on the 27th, along with Facebook posts.

Planning Meeting on May 5th

3.8th Grade Yearbooks: Lisa motions, Chloe second, motion passes.

4.Wellness Night, May 1st-Does PAWS want to participate?

5.Bookfair: Set up on May 13, Shop from 14-16th.


1.Family Fun Night: Was a success. We made $123. JMG kids were very helpful. Next time we should do PK-4 for 2 hours.

2.Salad Bar: Sandra asked Scott Porter about why we do not have a salad bar. Mr. Porter said he would look into it. Chloe mentioned that it seems to be a cost issue. Jane wondered why we couldn’t use the funds from the Healthy Snack grant to help offset the costs of running the salad bar. Lydia Moholland might be a good person to give us information about this issue too.

3.Easter Hunt: Took place in the classroom. PAWS gave kids a lollipop. Amanda & Jade ran it. Jane got the supplies.

Treasurer Report: $

Next PAWS meeting:
Tuesday, May 5th, 6pm
Meeting adjourned at 7:19 pm
Minutes respectfully submitted by Lisa Athearn